030: How to Take Advantage of the New Freelance Economy with Laura Briggs

Laura Briggs

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams are joined by Laura Briggs, a former teacher turned entrepreneur, author, and speaker. In today’s episode, Laura shares her transition story from educator to freelance writer while building a platform for other freelancers to follow.

Laura Briggs spent most of her life preparing to be an educator and then burned out after working as a middle school teacher in Baltimore City. After she started a freelance writing career on the side in 2012, Laura quickly replaced and surpassed her day job earnings and hit the six figure mark in just 18 months. Transitioning from Burnout Boulevard, Laura fired half of her clients and kicked off a new year with some commitments, one of which was to only work with clients and subcontractors who allowed her to grow her business the way she wanted to. Since 2013, she’s worked full-time for herself helping clients with content and project management by leveraging time management and digital teams. Laura also teaches others how to build fulfilling lifestyle businesses from home as a Coach.

Laura wrote her first book “How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business”, which won the 2019 “Best in Business” prize at the Author Academy Awards. Laura is also the author of “Launch Your Own Freelance Writing Business” with Entrepreneur Press.

To learn more about Laura Briggs including her Freelance Coach services and her Podcast, visit her website at https://www.betterbizacademy.com, Facecbook: The Freelance Coach, Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/laurapenningtonwrites, and other social media platforms.


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