037: How to Be a Voice and Promote Voices through Media with Brigitte Williams-James

Brigitte Williams-James

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams are joined by Mrs. Brigitte Williams-James who is an award-winning multi-media professional, who has made substantial footprint in media, music and film. In today’s episode, Brigitte shares her companies PR & client services and she speaks proudly about her Media company’s arm, Film Documentaries which her company has created, presented and was awarded at the various Film Festivals.

Brigitte, also known as Serious Voice in music circles, is the visionary behind brands such as Yes Hour Radio, Serious PPL Music and James Media LLC. She is a proud graduate of the Journalism school at Columbia University and Brooklyn College, CUNY. As a journalist she was commissioned by Non-Profits to spearhead the marketing of their brand by traveling to the Caribbean, interviewing prime ministers and documenting their reactions through magazine form. As a WNBA writer she has interviewed top-tier sports influencers like Diana Taurasi, Sheryl Swoopes and many more. While working for the New York Post news division, she broke the Michael Strahan front page story dubbed “Never Again.” She’s also written about C. Vivian Stringer of Rutgers University, and many others. In addition, she has covered several WNBA playoff games and lauded for her stellar sports reporting and writing capabilities.

As a creative in the film world she boasts an award-winning documentary, Rap Queen: The Serious Voice Story, which has been showcased across the United States at prominent film festivals. As winner of Documentary Film Score for the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival, she also took her documentary to Nevada where it became the talk of the town film.

Today she uses her experience, voice and relationships to take her clients to places they’ve never been.

To learn more about Brigitte Williams-James including more information on her PR services, visit her website https://www.jamesmediapr.com, Twitter (@jamesmediainc or @serious_voiceny), Instagram Pages (@jamesmediadidthat @seriousvoiceny), or her email: management@jamesmediapr.com.  To hear her new single, Black Woman, visit this link https://open.spotify.com/album/5skVmCCyRll1oySbmV9KH4


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