039: How to Become the Best Version of Yourself with Nekia Foxx of The Transformation Place

Nekia Foxx

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams are joined by Ms. Nekia Foxx. While most beauty experts solely seek to change the physical appearance of their clients, Nekia Foxx, also known as the TRANSFORMATION ENGINEER, focuses on the total individual from the inside out. The International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Successful Businesswoman utilize her empowering methods to make over and create wealth in every area of her client’s lives financially, physically, their mental mindset, and health and wellness. In today’s episode, Nekia shares her journey with creating The “Transformation Place” and she provides invaluable advice to new entrepreneurs just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

As a leader in the Business and Beauty Industry she is known for being a masterful visionary that creates a level of clarity and confidence sought after in order to maximize one’s destiny. Nekia, a master stylist with a background in Construction and Civil Engineering is also the CEO and Founder of Nekia Foxx & Company also known as “The Transformation Place”. Known for her ability to heal more than beauty troubles, Nekia founded “The Transformation Place” as a haven for women who are ready to make a change in their lives with her proven methods to lead the way. A collaboration of skills and services, The Transformation Place “ provides women with the knowledge and tools to go from “ not enough “ to “ more than enough “, starting in their own eyes, through exercises geared at defining a client’s self-worth , self-esteem, confidence and clarity. As if that’s not enough, she pushes success to the limits by all means thriving in a male dominated industry being the President and CEO of FX Construction. Turning dreams into a reality on many levels, her credentials in these areas empower her to help others enjoy what she calls (Multiplexed Success) success in every area of your life.

The born and raised Floridian is a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) with a Bachelors of Construction Engineering and a Minor in Civil Engineering. Additionally, Nekia obtained her Technical Degree as a Board Certified Cosmetologist from Indian River State College. Nekia’s Engineering background has gifted her with the ability to deconstruct while maximizing every component needed to construct the real you. You are not alone. We will walk you through your amazing TRANSFORMATION step by step.

The company motto is “In order to live your best life, you must become the best version of yourself!”

To learn more about Nekia Foxx including more information on The Transformation Plan, visit her website https://www.nekiafoxx.com , Twitter https://twitter.com/NekiaFoxx , Instagram Pages: https://www.instagram.com/nekiafoxx , or Subscribe to Nekia Foxx’s YouTube page @Nekia Foxx.


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