041: How to Unlock the Power Within for Sustainable Change with Amber Henderson of i3 Solutions

Amber Henderson

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams are joined by Amber Henderson. Amber is the Founder of i3Solutions, LLC who is a transformational leader with 16+ years’ experience coaching around the world to bring about fundamental organizational change and improvement in strategy, process, and performance. She is a proven leader with a record of inspiring others, influencing change and transforming lives. In today’s episode, Amber shares insight into the meaning of ‘ i3 ‘ Inspire, Innovate and Ignite. In addition, she shares what was her biggest challenge and surprise with launching i3 Solutions. Amber also gives us a future look into her i3 Signature Solution Program that launches on Sept 1st and she placed a request for Sponsors who could provide someone with a worthwhile sponsorship through the i3 Signature Solution Program.

Amber’s career in federal law enforcement with the Federal Bureau of Investigations as well as the Department of Homeland Security equipped her with a unique skill set that she is passionate about sharing with others. Given her expansive background in human intelligence, Amber utilizes Positive Psychology and Humanist coaching models that place a significant emphasis on the power within each individual to make sustainable change. This methodology helps unlock true potential while creating fresh perspectives that encourage compelling personal and professional change. Her coaching style reflects her belief that coaching is a transformative journey fueled by a strategic partnership built on trust.

To learn more about Amber Henderson and i3 Signature Solutions Program, visit her website at Www.i3.life, on Instagram: @ignitewithi3solutions #jointhei3nation #i3signaturesolution, and Facebook: @jointheI3Nation or email: Amber.i3solutions@gmail.com.


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