053: How to Soar Above Fear with Marci Klein

Marci Klein

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams welcome back to the show Marci Klein. Marci has spent almost 20 years honing her story telling skills as a television director in the reality genre of tv, on shows like Dr. Phil, Inside Edition, and E! Entertainment Television. She is a Los Angeles Emmy Award winner and a Cable Ace recipient, and surf enthusiast. Marci is also an author writing her second book in the series ‘Women in Business Breaking Through”. Her second book’s chapter centers around Soaring Above Fear. In today’s episode Marci shares with our audience her story on how she became a drone pilot and provides insight on the meaning of Soaring Above Fear.

After graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in Communications, and learning to surf, Marci made the move to Hollywood where she worked her way up from the bottom. She started as a production assistant, to production coordinator, to story producer, to field producer and then on to director, supervising and senior producer roles. It was in 1990 that she was invited to direct on Greg Kinnear’s first network tv show, The Best of the Worst, which inaugurated her into the Directors Guild of America.

Wearing many hats in Hollywood prepared Marci with the skills and experience to open and run her own video production studio, which she now operates in Redondo Beach, just a short distance from her home and family in Redondo Beach – and more importantly, 5 blocks to the ocean which she uses as her inspiration, as quoted in her passage, “Being in the ocean is like diving into creativity. I get inspired feel invigorated, and ideas flow. The ocean is where I write my client scripts in my head, long before my hands ever reach a computer keyboard.” The vibe of her company is as important to her as the quality of videos she produces. Marci’s board meetings are offered in the surf line-up, and everyone is welcome.

Marci balances business with family and philanthropy. She sits on the board for non-profit organization Waterfront Education, is a Public Arts Commissioner and Ambassador to the Redondo beach Chamber of Commerce. Today Marci is still a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. Marci never books a video shoot on Fridays until after her morning surf session.

To learn more about Marci Klein and her services, visit her website: www.kleincreativemedia.com or Subscribe to her Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2vZ03KiUOo


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