062: How to Master Sales with Robert Workman

Robert Workman

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams are joined by Robert Danger Workman. Robert Danger Workman is a 40-year veteran in face-to-face, day-in and day-out selling. He has published numerous sales training/human development programs and spoken to thousands of sales reps nationwide and internationally. His consistent track record as #1 in sales includes top producer titles from companies with 100 to 800 reps, but also includes being fired while producing consistent superlative results – for making too much money.

Danger is literally his middle name; he has never taken the safe road anywhere. He is an entrepreneur, a connoisseur and a raconteur who supports exotic cat rescues, has lived with several mountain lions and a pack of wolves as house pets, owned half a dozen Ferraris and currently resides in a downtown warehouse in Dallas. Robert has purchased Ferraris and has had his phone turned off and his gasoline card seized at gas stations because he couldn’t pay the bills – then bounced back to – purchase Ferraris by writing a single check.

Robert’s highly anticipated second book, Hired Gun II: The Essential Guide for Top Salespeople, is an entertaining journey through the highs and lows of an outrageous and hilarious successful professional career in sales. His first book Hired Gun was released earlier and both books can been purchased via Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Nobles, or Apple Books.

To learn more about Robert Workman and his books, visit his LinkedIn: Robert Workman, his Facebook Page: Facebook: The Original Hired Gun, or his Website: www.HiredGun2.com


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