068: How to be Inquisitive and Unstoppable with Tina Louise Penn

Tina Louise Penn

Hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams are joined by Tina Louise Penn. Tina is the CEO of Cloud Plus Services which supports the needs for small and medium-sized businesses in fulfilling technology needs of a business. New technologies in IT, Telecommunication and Cyber Security Training allows a business to create environments that can thrive, be efficient, productive, security technology at the human level, enjoy teamwork and collaboration, think outside the box. Cloud Plus Services focus is to provide problem solving solutions so a business can focus on what is important for them and their growth and in the process, they experience exemplarily service.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles to the westside of Los Angeles and trained by the first Black ice skating star of Holiday on Ice, Mable Fairbanks, Tina became a competitive figure skater turning professional in 1977 and skating for the most prestigious show in the United States and Canada, the Ice Capades and touring with Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill. Tina credits her growing years to her amazing mother in a lifestyle that prepared her for her life’s journey.

Tina has always placed herself in free flowing and interesting jobs and careers. And, as a result she has worked as a ski lift operator in South Lake Tahoe, PBX operator, in retail sales, and as a real estate agent which all these jobs required people skills, that prepared Tina for what was yet to come.

As a risk taker, inquisitive, outgoing, supportive and loyal person, Tina prides herself for creating meaningful, personalized, and authentic experiences for customers that will continue to be a focus for companies. It is what customers want, and it is in a companies’ best interest to cultivate and train their employees to be able to deliver authentic service.

Tina is also an author featured in her coming soon book Black, Brilliant, and Beautiful. This book written by Women of Color share their success stories of encouragement about their journey of becoming an influential business leader.

To learn more about Tina Lousie Penn and her Cloud Plus Services, visit her website: www.cloudplusservices.com or Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter Pages: @cloudplusservices or Email Tina at tina@cloudplusservices.com.


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